The Top Skills for 2017 – Say It HR Want to Hear

Top 10 Skills for 2017 as per LinkedIn

1.    Cloud and Distributed Computing

2.    Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

3.    Marketing Campaign Management

4.    SEO/SEM Marketing

5.    Middleware and Integration Software

6.    Mobile Development

7.    Network and Information Security

8.    Storage Systems and Management

9.    Web Architecture and Development Frameworks

10. User Interface Design

If you have any of these skills, make sure you let employers know. A simple way to do this is by adding the effective Title to your resume.

Effective Titles

Here are titles for each skill you can use

Skill – Cloud and Distributed Computing

‘Cloud Deployment Expert (Your Name)’

Skill – Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

‘’Practiced Data Scientist (Your Name)’

Skill – Marketing Campaign Management

‘Ingenious Marketer (Your Name)’

Skill – SEO/SEM Marketing

‘Master (SEO or SEM) Home Runner (Your Name)’

Skill – Middleware and Integration Software

‘Effective Middleware Integrator (Your Name)’

Skill – Mobile Development

‘Engagement Mobile Strategist (Your Name)’

Skill – Network and Information Security

‘The Wall between (Company Name you are applying) and Hacker (Your Name)’

Skill – Storage Systems and Management

‘Storage Maximizer (Your Name)

Skill – Web Architecture and Development Frameworks

‘Soft Effective Framework Builder (Your Name)’

Skill – User Interface Design

‘Tailored Designer (Your Name)’


You have relevant skills. Employers need you and are looking for these skills.

You have to tell them and organize it for employers to notice so you are shortlisted for the job if you are applying.

Help Employers Visualize

The trend is images, charts, and interactive media. I use a table to present your achievement in a table in a resume. HR Manager grasps immediately what you did.


Anything you do for HR attention need headline because it compels reading whatever you want to convey.

I give you a free title for your resume if you want. Fill the form at right.