Job seeker end your biggest concern - No Interview with my resume workbook

Thank you for interest in my resume workbook. You will write an irresistible resume with the help of this workbook. I give new tactics which are proven in advertising but never used in resume writing.

I get regular massages from students, fresh graduates, unemployed, moms, and fired employees, they like my innovations but can’t pay. Here is an affordable option.

When you are not getting results for your efforts you have to change and adopt new ways. You will do it and definitely get best results from your resume.

You are paying $29 for this which I kept low because I want it affordable to everyone. You may search and find online many services where you can get resume templates and get it done. They charge from $40 to $100. It's your choice but please don't use templates. And there you hardly get any meaningful input, all standardize resume sections many outdated.

Recruiters and hiring managers give zero marks to templates. In fact they hate it. You can use design/templates if you believe "Well dressed person gets a job."

You must tell the what recruiters and hiring managers want and look in candidates. You have seen how effective you can do it. If you have not read my resume critique read it first here Resume Critique and then order this workbook.

Workbook chapters are,

Master file

Name, Education, Experience, Awards/Prize, Co-Curricular Activities, and References. The biggest advantage of this workbook is you will create your every resume in 20 minutes or less because you will have all info ready at one place. I know you have to put an effort to get a phone of the job you did years ago to confirm something I want to use as a story. Someone can be valuable reference but no contact info. You should be regular in updating it so such info will be in a master file.

Creative Input Information

Your trump card will come from this task.

You will put your all job functions, performance, how you performed and did the job, milestone, recognition, prize, colleague’s comments, superior/boss comments, promotion, and challenges & how you handle it, etc. Write whatever you did more the better for each job.

Job description

You must have job descriptions for every job you apply. You will use a lot of content for your resume from it.

Resume Draft 

Here you will make your draft


Here you give winning adage to your resume. Headline, Title, Story, and Branding all innovative element you will add to your resume.

Each steps are explained with examples. Three resume transformation cases, client resume submitted and created you will see how it is done. They are for IT, Accounting, and Production positions. Name removed.


You will format your final resume. I am for simplicity. I never use templates or design. Conveying message is primary. Never ever spend a dime and time for template or design. Do it only if you believe "Best dressed person gets a job."



How to write headline I have explained. You will learn eight types of headlines. You know the value you will add to your personality with this skill for other than resume writing?


You will learn how to create effective job title for resume. Title positions you among candidates so it is important you use creative title to reflect your true value.

It is action time. Make your 'Job Getting Resume' get your resume workbook now. The payment is processed by secure PayPal and you will go to download page. Go and save your resume workbook on your computer.

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