Does Your Resume Gets You an Interview?

If Not - Get an interview getting resume.

Here Is What You Need to Do with your resume?

90% of resumes are a list of education and experience .

Your resume must TALK Not LIST.


I am Mukesh Shah review job seekers profiles for a LinkedIn pilot program, among the most viewed writers on for Resume/CV category, and new pro on LinkedIn.

Hi Mukesh,

Throughout the first 2 weeks of this pilot you have become a stand-out Career MVP Professional. Because of this we are offering the ability to review a bulk of profiles at one time (5-10 depending on your capacity). If you are interested and can still have them completed in a couple days let me know and we will assign you some. Thanks again!


Austin Leu-Edmister, Premium Career/ProFinder Engagement Specialist, LinkedIn - InMail

I will do 'You are the best fit" resume story.

You should apply only when you feel and think you are fit for the job. Mark my words 'you feel and think.' I tell this initially on my page when you LinkedIn pro evaluates resume writing proposals, to save your time 5-10 minutes you may spend with me.

Many tell in the inquiry they send 100s of application and get no response. I wonder how one can do it? When you don't get results, say after 5-6 times, and still, you send resumes there is something wrong with you. You must change the way you do things.

The first thing I do is, I will send you a job requirement matching sheet, and you will tell me your matching experience for as many as you can. I do it to make sure you apply for the right job and don't waste your time and money. It interests hiring manager plus helps you in clearing ATS application tracking software.

A resume must be specific to the job you apply and relevant to your skills and experience. No need to apply for 100s of jobs. One can't fit all jobs.

Don't waste your time if you want a generic resume to apply for multiple positions. Read if you want an interview getting resume.


You get your resume done

Let me tell you have three challenges. You have to

  1. First, pass ATS Application Tracking System.
  2. Then get attention of a recruiter (You know 6-second test), and
  3. Interest the hiring manager.

I write “You are the best Fit” resume.


ATS and 6 Second Test

My job is to get you an interview. To achieve it the first I clear ATS, get the attention and interest of the recruiters & hiring managers. I use your strengths to your advantage and tell "You are the best fit for the job" to the company you apply.

I use headline and title to address first two challenges.

  • To clear ATS I use title and job function from the company’s job advertisement. The company will short resumes for the job role, function, experience, etc. as per their requirement and when you have those words from their advertisement, your resume will be in their selected file.
  • To get recruiter’s attention I put a headline because it tells what you do and contributes to the company up front. No one can ignore a headline, and when it says their interest, it works every time, and they read further.

I am a trained headline writer.

Tell what you will do for the company.


To make sure recruiters and hiring managers to pay attention to resume I brand your resume.

The branding should read like it fulfills the company’s potential employee’s job requirement. It has few bullets and a statement.

Example from one sales position resume:

Self-learning and training made me ‘Customer First’ person and I become a trainer for colleagues by bosses. That earned me a place in ‘Winner Circle,’ an exclusive club of high achievers.

  • 10 years sales experience.
  • Proven results were exceeding goals in a customer-oriented, results-driven environment.
  • Responsible for building client relations.
  • Meet and exceed sales budget always.

This branding is put between the name and title and before experiences, which is usually objective or summary and both are irrelevant today. I use that space to your advantage to convey what you contribute to the company you apply.

Hiring Manager

I use a Story for your battle with the hiring manager. I love hiring managers, and you should love also. You know they have a big problem? Every hiring manager does complain “It is hard to get good candidates.”

This complaint is your opportunity. Telling them you are good can work, but I do more. You should do it also. Here is how you interest hiring manager.

The core of resume is an experience. Most of you have a list of experiences. I write your experiences with stories. The story tells how you perform the job they want to fill.

Here is an example of my sales position resume to give you an idea.

My 110%+ Goals Story Cox Communications – Oklahoma City, Ok Account Manager 9/2013-5/2014

I am an aggressive seller and had goals in mind. To reach "Winner's Circle" I had to average 110% to goal throughout the year to be eligible for the Award, and that was not always easy due to the competition. What I did differently? I did lots of secret shopping on the competitors such as DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T to strategize my sales technique. That made me trainer also.

  • Responsible for the development and facilitation of various training topics for 20+ stores to ensure complete knowledge of products, services, and independent associate development. I Gave sales training to all levels of employees
  • Responsible for prioritizing, identifying, and publishing the marketing and educational content with all staff member associated one on one.
  • Provide work direction and coaching to employees for career/personal development.
  • Handle day-to-day relationship management, cold calling, outside prospecting, and maintenance of clients.
  • Responsible for building customer relations.
  • Meet and exceed sales goal.

Do you feel a difference between your list and Story?

Do you think the story will make a difference?

Hiring managers read and like to know more. It prompts to call you to find out more about you and discuss.

Go for it.


I am not over with experience. Keep in mind that experience is the most important element of your resume.

I always make sure experience bullets are relevant to the company’s job function because hiring managers are combing from resumes, who are a good fit to do the job he wants to fill?

Here my job description matching sheet works. We will have bullets for experience from their description, and it resonates with them.

Hang On

You better do the Title Test. It is a title test for your resume. You will send your resume via an email. So file attached will be shown as per the file name you saved it. It could be many things. I won't site funny file names but assume you gave your name, as most people do and your file will be visible in an email

(Your Name) resume docx

Now think you will give the name as per the title I suggest, and I always give functional names, your file name will be

(Your Name) zero defect production pro resume docx   for a production position


(Your Name) sales achiever resume docx   for a sales position

Think what will recruiter or hiring manager will feel when they see your resume for the first time? What will interest them? Your distinct, unique title or common name resumes?

Samples that works

Production Jobs

“Do you want The Boeing award for delivery excellence recipient in your production Team?”

Above is the first line for a production job seeker. And we put a story of how he handles one challenge, and it got him an award.

IT Jobs

“Does (Company Name) want a pro that runs Only SFT Netware Server in Arkansas? I am that Designer.”

It is followed by how he designed it. Work he put in, extra study, etc. It is an interesting story for a hiring manager. When you say, success recruiter always listens and want to know more and call you for an interview.

Accounting Jobs

“Your new controller who never misses a deadline, allow the budget to surpass, and contribute profits with innovative systems.”

This lady has developed an excel sheet to calculate order costs. Their company has complex working involving many departments. The sheet gave actual costs. This help controled costs and gave her promotion as an account manager. She aspires to a controller position.

I am with you till you win

For a job seeker to get a job is a victory.

I want you to win, get a job and give you the resumes customized to the job, till you get an interview at a price of a one resume. So let us understand basic job getting fundamental. It is

You should apply to the jobs relevant to your skills and match job requirements.

We first decide it with my job requirement matching sheet. It can be for a position you aspire.

Do you need to apply for 100's of jobs?

I wonder when people say "I applied to hundreds of job and get no response." It's insane. If you do there is something wrong with you. How can one do it when you don't get any results?

Let me share one request. You will understand.

Client email:

Below is a job description for Harvard Univ Executive Director for Alumni Relations and Development.

With my resume, with your talent, is it possible to obtain this kind of position?

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree required. 7+ years of related experience. Experience in financial management, project management, and staff supervision. ,
Additional Qualifications
Master's degree preferred. Prior development experience with functional experience in frontline fundraising, donor relations, events management, or development systems strongly preferred. Prior Harvard experience preferred. Prior experience working in a fundraising campaign preferred. Excellent judgment/problem-solving skills and ability to work with discretion. Ability to navigate in a complex, de-centralized environment. Comfort is dealing with ambiguity and ability to guide staff through a variety of solution scenarios. Ability to balance demands/expectations of internal and external constituents. A comprehensive understanding of needed systems and infrastructure to track and manage financial data and alumni/prospects/donors data Strong communication skills, written and oral. Ability to build strong partnerships and work collaboratively across ARRD, HKS and with University partners Strategic thinker with experience developing and implementing strategic plans Experience with data analysis and ability to communicate results to a wide variety of audiences. Comfort with new technology and ability to learn new systems quickly. Experience working with both alumni and non-alumni constituencies.

My response:

Dear (Name),

You ask "With my resume, with your talent, is it possible to obtain this kind of position?"

I say I will get you an interview but can't say about obtaining a position.

To convince Harvard recruiter is not difficult.

You have two experiences relevant to their job requirements.

What you don't have is a master degree and Harvard experience few competitors many have it.

I believe a good story will get you in the door, mean an interview. Some success of fund raised is enough to prompt them to call for discussion.

It's your call to try.

If you want to go ahead, send the same job description to this thread again. I will ask for your work to dig out a story and you should be quick in response. I usually finish resume in a week.

Thank you for interest.

I am not a recruiter but try to help you target relevant job and spend time where it make sense. Don't try to apply to irrelevant jobs. Usually people ask me for resumes updates for about two months. They know where to spend time and efforts.

A Request

Executives interested in my service want to know more and ask for the best time to talk. Please note I have an impaired speech because of a cancer surgery, so better you email me at, and I will answer all your question.

I know the price will decide your resume writer. My fee is $150. I create 'You are the best fit' story. I bet you will not get the quality and innovation I offer anywhere.

The experience is different for everyone, and that will decide your story content, more experience will create good stories and for some story won't possible. Branding will be for everyone.

You shop around; you have to pay $600 to $2000 for a custom resume. You know why resume fail?

The main reason for resume failure is ‘No customization of a resume.’

The facts:

$150 you pay is your one day salary if you are at 40,000/year. You are not paying me even average for custom resume and get more value at less than even 1/5th the cost.

Fresh candidates if you create a resume at resume sites with the template you will pay $50 to $200 and create a routine resume. Never spend a time and dime on templates etc. Do it only if you believe

"The best-dressed person gets the job."

Better you do Google search for "What hiring managers look in the resumes?"

My takeaway from it,

  1. Recruiters and hiring managers give zero marks to design, templates, etc. In fact they hate it.
  2. Their only interest is your experience to know how you match and fit for the job they are filling.

You can stand out with your experience story, if you go for resume you see above. Do you want that interview and start your job process or continue with applying, apply, apply and no reply? The choice is yours, still, use same standard templates patterned resume.


Try new ways. Test headline and story resume. Get an interview for the job.

Let us start

  1. Send me your current resume at with job advertisement link or a copy of job description. If you have not decided a job to apply,  tell the position you aspire.
  2. I will send job requirement matching sheet for the job/position. You will tell your experience for as many as you can. I will ask few questions about your work and try to tell maximum in answers. Your input is a fodder for your headline, title, story, and branding.
  3. Then I will send you the first draft in a day or two, and we will finish your resume in about ten days. It will be 3-4 emails back and forth. You will enjoy resume creation. You will pay $150 fee to my PayPal ID with service order.

I commit an interview

Please understand I commit to an interview, not a job. Job offer depends on many factors. You show what I do for a resume. There is no refund for resume service.

Well, I mentioned refund after this email.

"Hello Mukesh, I have to say that my resume has been a disappointment, I'm getting no job hits, and jobs that I do get interviewed with tell me I need to change it all up.I really need to know how to go about getting my money back?"

He is asking refund for my resume success. Let me make it clear, it is your job to prove what ever we say on resume. I put what you tell me. I never write any experience details I always take it from your input. You must give fact which you can prove in an interview.

Your Interview is Easy

It is easy to get noticed and get an interview. I am good at it and get you one. If interested you can read, how I got my first job in the USA? It shows how I got noticed.

How I got my first job in the USA

I am Mukesh Shah and fight my handicap with resume.

In May 2005, I came to the USA on immigration visa from India at the age 55. At the age, people start retirement planning. I have to start a fresh and no question of retirement. I was excited of American dream since my younger days.

I came with one handicap an impaired speech because of cancer surgery. I am account graduate and marketing diploma holder and had experience of 30 years. I choose Houston, TX mainly for the support of my childhood friend. Took a house opposite him and started life in the US.

Finding work was the only job after I get my social security card because without it no one considers you for employment.

Job Hunt

I did what a best practice was. Created Monster account and started applying. I consider my no American experience and education/degree were disadvantages.

And major problem was initial phone screening here all recruiters do.

I can’t communicate on the phone, and things didn’t go further. I tried to email of my speech handicap and seek a personal interview, but no one responded.

Job Fairs

Job fairs were an option and were good for me. I can go and talk to recruiters at least. I usually write if not understood in person and it works. In person, people are friendly.


My challenge was to overcome my speech handicap. The tool I had was a resume. I have to prove through a resume that I am worth hiring.

I can’t talk to recruiters as they won’t understand my speech. One need time to adjust to it and that too require patient. No one had time at the fair booth.

180 Turn to Resume

I was seeking accounting job. There was a job fair organized by Houston chapter of Texas CPA association. The announcement states if “You have accounting knowledge we have a job for you.” I wanted exactly that.

Since it was CPA job fair, all recruiters must be accountants I assumed. I thought carefully, how to differentiate myself. The best way to sell is to talk the language your prospects understand.

Well, the accountant’s language is balance sheet and profit and loss statements. I thought of a balance sheet as my resume instead of a traditional chronological resume.

I created Mukesh Shah’s Balance Sheet.

There were Assets and Liabilities columns, and I put my account degree, experience, writings as my assets and my speech handicap, medical expenses as liabilities. My equity was learning mind and creative thinking.

I did this for the attention of recruiters and initial interest. I was confident if they talk I will prove I am fit for the job. And fortunately, my Balance Sheet got the attention of all the recruiters I met, and I get my first job as a staff accountant at local CPA firm.

Thanks to my 180 turn to resume and made ‘Balance Sheet’ my resume.

I am not thinking about this much. It is an effort I did to get a job nothing big deal. But in 2015 I did one headline writing course, and there I mentioned my experience, and I got comments from fellow participants. The comments encourage me sharing this here.

My Intro:

“I did sell my concepts through letters. In Houston also, I got my first job at CPA firm by a different approach to resume. I went to a job fair of CPA association. Since I had a speech problem and was desperate for a job as I have to start in The US, I created my resume in accounting language. I made Balance Sheet as a resume. Balance is education, experience, etc. and liability is impaired speech, medical expenses, etc. It was a success my resume got the attention of all CPA recruiters and got a job with a CPA firm.”

Comment from the group:

"The idea of the balance sheet resume is a great one! That's A-I-D-A in action." -by Kai » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:19 am

"I love the balance sheet resume too. Cool, creativity and demonstration of fitness to the job. Welcome!" -by Jeff Moore » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:42 pm

"Now that's creativity, Thar! The balance sheet resume - would be the first honest resume building system the world has ever seen." -by Jon Kenworthy » Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:01 pm

"Since I read your post on Saturday, I used your idea in helping out a young programmer. For his, the graphic has three parts: input, processor, output. The input is his skills, and the processor is him, the output is the people/groups/impacts that he's had." -by RobM » Mon Aug 10, 2015, 5:32 am


Your concerns.

You have seen how I do your resume. Let me address two issues. The first is English which is my second language. You will find my writing different, you may not like it. I mention it because small number said,

“I'm sorry I was not able to hire you. I am a language teacher, and for me, incorrect grammar jumps off the page and catches my attention. Your grammar is mostly correct, but there are a few words and phrases that do not sound like a native English speaker would say them. I need help coming up with the words to enhance my resume. Thank you for considering me as a client."

“The approach and grammar within your proposal and website are not culturally aligned to my style.”

"Thanks but your syntax is not working for me."

Second is recommendations.

I have no recommendations

Since I am new on LinkedIn the issue is of a price for me. Resumes I offer are $600+, and that price is not possible. So I said I lower my price expectation but not the value I add.

You agree with my tactics but have doubts. Recommendations I will get in due course. Resume takes 2-3 months to give results, and only small percentage gives recommendation. I said this because few told me

"What you say sound good but I went for another as he has recommendations and you have none."
"Thank you for your proposal. It sounds like offer a great service; however, I decided to use a service recommended by my career counselor."
"At this time you have no referrals for me to check with and I need someone that has a proven track record. Thank you."

My take:

  1. I respect their decision and say when a resume is not giving results, no sense in doing it the same way, you should try new ways. I use proven advertising tactics on resume. I have great results. It's art and I am a resume make-up artist. You like and not use the tactics when you are not getting desired result is strange to me. Use it, adopt it, DIY if you don't want to hire.
  2. I write for and to the recruiters and hiring managers, not you. My job is to get you an interview. That is my goal, and they respond to my resumes. I convey the message and it works. I use proven advertising tactics. I train myself and master them.

You choose what you want. I believe you want a result giving resume?

I am new on LinkedIn not for resume writing. I answered regularly 'How to improve Resume/CV' questions and among most viewed writers on

Action Time

Let us start. Send me your current resume at with job advertisement link or a copy of job description. If you have not decided a job to apply,  tell the position you aspire.

Senior executives are impressed with my contribution. Headline and branding is bit aggressive to many but they are convinced. The competition at director/VP level is intense. The differentiation is key. My headline, functional title, branding and story does it.

I wish you great holidays ahead and be part of your career success. You are investing so go for the outcomes.

Thank you for your time and reading my story.


Mukesh, Thank you for responding. I found you on Quora and I am really impressed with your answers over there. I am surely taking your service. Will it be fine if we start the process from next week. I do have my exam so I would like to keep focus for the exam. Regards"

Diwal Pyakurel, - email

Hi Sir, Hope you are doing great..!! I am an Technical Recruiter looking for good opportunities to work in IT sector in HR related domains. I had a chance to look at your Quora answers. It really wants me to dive into your attention so that you could help me making a gud resume to make a change in my next step of my career. So I have attached my resume with this mail so if you could help me I would be very much thankful to you."

Logesh Lakshmanan, -email

A former recognized member of The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), 25+ year veteran professional career trainer, Stephen Q Shannon, recommends Mukesh Shah to winners who want an edge over competition."

Stephen Q Shannon, Professional career trainer.