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Dear Job Aspirant,

Thank you for an interest in my resume ebook. You know and read my resume tactics. Your resume is virtual YOU in person.

Do you get a desired interview?

If the answer is NO … then it’s not going to be better with templated resume listing your education degrees and work history, and none of original thought.

Each man's resume can’t be the duplicate pattern of hundreds of others. If you use that route you receive identical results. No wonder the interview eludes you.

There is a way only you can take you have to tell “you are the best fit” story.

YOU will write an irresistible resume with my ebook. You will write “You are the best Fit” resume.

Hi Mukesh,

Throughout the first 2 weeks of this pilot you have become a stand-out Career MVP Professional. Because of this we are offering the ability to review a bulk of profiles at one time (5-10 depending on your capacity). If you are interested and can still have them completed in a couple days let me know and we will assign you some. Thanks again!


Austin Leu-Edmister, Premium Career/ProFinder Engagement Specialist, LinkedIn - InMail

Mukesh, Thank you for responding. I found you on Quora and I am really impressed with your answers over there. I am surely taking your service. Will it be fine if we start the process from next week. I do have my exam so I would like to keep focus for the exam. Regards"

Diwal Pyakurel, - email

"A former recognized member of The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), 25+ year veteran professional career trainer, Stephen Q Shannon, recommends Mukesh Shah to winners who want an edge over competition."

Stephen Q Shannon, Professional career trainer.

Action Time

You have seen the four elements you must have on your resume and you can put them now. But better you master it with my ebook and learn how it is done.

You get my e-book at only $19.99. It's a tokan. Even resume template site costs $50+ to create resume which hardly works.

Think about that interview you desperately want...... write your unique story with distinct title recruiter and hiring manager can't ignore.

It is 41 pages explaining all 4 conquerors you read. It's no theory  you get

  • Workbook to write a resume
  • A case study showing how headline, title, story, and branding is developed.

You could be

  1. Students/fresh graduates
  2. Less than 5 years’ experience
  3. More than 5 years’ experience
  4. Senior Applicant's Director, VP level

Everyone will write their "You are the best fit" story. People without experience have good things to say from various activities, may be college, sports, travel, church, volunteering, etc.

You will master the art of resume, which is a most important document for your career.

What you will learn more in the ebook

Understand the setup, content, and resolution of your resume. Every story has three parts.

  1. Setup is like a cover of a book. When the cover of the book is appealing the book sale will increase.
  2. Content is the meat. Resume must have the good content.
  3. Your resume conclusion is what you offer to the company.

I explain it in details in the E-book.

You better know, KISS and KILL.
KISS is ‘keep it short and simple’ and
KILL is ‘Keep it Long and Lengthy.’

You should never KILL your resume with long and lengthy lists. There is irrelevant blah, blah, blah, no one read, and your resume goes to trash. Listing of jobs, certificates, prizes, awards, education, etc. will not work.

You should KISS, keep your resume short and simple. A two-page resume is the good content format to keep.

Your content must be interesting. Your resume will never interest anyone when you say I work for XYZ, ABS, and so & so companies. It will interest people when you say what you changed, produced, what problem you solved, the profit made, cost saved, etc.

The case in the ebook has back and forth emails that will give you idea how every element is created. You always have a difficulty projecting yourself. The questions I asked and input it gets from further prob will give you idea how you can express yourself better. The points you hardly think will be your selling points when you say in context.

What are you waiting for?

Get your e-book add art of resume to your skill set. Your career will benefit. $19.99 gets you 10X value.

You will succeed in the first step to your job hunt, get an interview, which eludes you so far.