New Age Resumes – Simple and Effective

A very simple, compelling, creative, and effective way to get a job is to write a new age resume.

I will teach you to write a job getting resume.

First, let us make sure it is read by HR manager.

How you choose or decide what you read or listen?

Obvious you decide from title or headline.

And did you have a headline in your resume?

The answer is no.

And you wish HR manager who gives average 8 seconds to scan a resume to read.

Well, I am Mukesh Shah and pioneer of a headline in resumes. I am an advertising pro and blends element of ads in the resume.

Here is New Age Resume.


Your Name - Resume

Personal Details

Technical Skills


Education & Personal Information

Work Experience


New Age


(Your Name)

A creative marketing professional


Don’t spend 10 seconds to judge just leave this resume now or read and think I will be an asset to you.


  • Graduate and Marketing diploma holder.
  • Google certified AdWords professional.
  • Headline expert.


  1. (Company Name - XYZ Co.) (Post) (Period)

(New Age - Story)

My boss _______ our President gave me for the first time passwords for his Google Adwords accounts and asked to manage daily spends. This was because I saved him average $1200 monthly in the first week with analytics and I was hired as a writer.


Manage daily PPC campaigns and spend of $6000. Manage email campaigns.

Create and post daily on blogs.

  1. (Company Name - XYZ Co.) (Post) (Period)


(New Age - Story)

Allow me to say my boss _________ our President called me Hawk. This is because I changed his mind for scheduling and bidding ads with data from analytics he never used to have.

I prepared clicks figures for main search campaign for a month and that gave real insight to when we get traffic.

(New Age - Table or Chart)

Date 9AM 11AM 1PM 3PM 5PM 7PM 9PM 11PM

Responsible for PPC and PPV advertising

  • Research Payday loan market one of three most competitive markets.
  • Research 4000 keywords and 9000 websites for PPV

Getting 200-400 leads through PPC at below $1 where first page CPC is $5+


1 Writing:

I do web content, blog post, and email series.


Six years in keyword and search quality rating and search engine friendly site structure based on keywords research.

3 Email Marketing:

I did email campaigns to get reviews.


  1. Schooling:
  2. Graduation

Professional: Qualified Google AdWords advertising professional.


Certificate: Won merit certificate ……

One limitation:

Contact Details:

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