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You are reading about an Action Book on LinkedIn Profile. I am doing it to start your 2018 with a positive action.

I am good at it. I learned a lot from a pilot program of LinkedIn in 2017 where I reviewed profiles. The sad fact is 90% of pros do not use profile correctly. It is unfortunate that they waste a prime resource available free.

Hi Mukesh,

Throughout the first 2 weeks of this pilot you have become a stand-out Career MVP Professional. Because of this we are offering the ability to review a bulk of profiles at one time (5-10 depending on your capacity). If you are interested and can still have them completed in a couple days let me know and we will assign you some. Thanks again!


- Austin Leu-Edmister.Premium Career/ProFinder Engagement Specialist, LinkedIn - InMail

Your profile will talk what YOU do, give, and contribute to your prospects.

I am Mukesh Shah a resume and LinkedIn profile expert, among the most viewed writers on for Resume/CV category, and new pro on LinkedIn. My goal is to create your profile that gets you responses.

This Action Book is not about any higher end LinkedIn profile workshop costing $1000, nor it is for $200 profile seminar you will be asked to attend. It is 30 pages of actions with tips on headline writing, the content you need to boost your profile and implement it right away.

You will go to your profile section, see the difference you will make by taking action and do it. Just what to do and how to do. Not a word more. Not a single page more than needed. You know the pain of reading 90 page user manual. I am for RESULT producing actions so nothing more than an action tips.

I want every pro take advantage of profile features and benefit from the LinkedIn free resource; your profile. The best way is to make it free, but you are not serious for anything free. When you like something, find it useful, and pay for it, then you are serious. I want to make your profile as your success tool and keep the price a token $10.

Here is all 15 sections you know. You may have read my article or profile boosters, if so you skip this and go to samples.

To make your LinkedIn profile a success, you have to put relevant info in each section LinkedIn offers. It is painful for me while reviewing profiles to find how people are wasting opportunity offered free by LinkedIn. I review daily average five profiles for a LinkedIn pilot program to review active job seekers profile.

The LinkedIn profile has 15 sections/features.

1.   Cover Image

2.   Your photograph

3.   Name

4.   Headline

5.   Your current position

6.   Education

7.   Location

8.   Summary

9.   Past Position/Experience

10.   Industry

11.   Skills

12.   Recommendations

13.   Certification

14.   Projects

15.   Interests

Above is a blank profile. Let us take each section how best you can use it

Cover Image

A cover is the best tool to brand you. You start your branding with a message on the cover image. You can make it at for free with their LinkedIn cover template. Do it.

I suggest in this age of hash tags put few relevant words in the image. Like,

If you are a cinematographer “Inspiring Videos.”

If you are sales job seeker words relevant to your job “Sales Achiever.”


You must put a photo for your profile. I come across many who do not have a photo. The first impression visitor will have is through a photo. A smiling photo is good for LinkedIn. Put a formal smiling photo. Make sure it is properly centered, and your face is clear without any shadow.

It is better not to use your creativity for a photo. I will tell where to be creative. Working photo, candid photo, sports photo, etc. are good but not as a LinkedIn profile picture. LinkedIn is a professional’s network. Simple is In.


No need to say anything I believe you will put your name correctly.


The headline is the most responsible for the success of your profile among four important sections. Other three are a cover, photo, and summary.

The headlines are to compel people to read further. It depends on the goal and what one wants from the communication he intends to convey.

Your headline must tell WHAT you do and contribute? If you give a result of the service, it will be better. The Headline is 80% responsible for a reading of your profile. You must put a compelling headline.

Example: If you seek an IT job actively I put a headline to get attention,

“Add a versatile boss’s favorites DATA wizard to your TEAM.”

Please put a compelling headline.

Current Position

You should put your position. People connect with a position, so you put your current position. What you do.


You must put your degree and university. Tell them all. People connect with colleges and universities.


Put your city, town, and state. People always connect with places.


The summary is the second most important section of the LinkedIn profile.

I wonder why people are not using the summary to the fullest. You can say many things. You have 2000 characters; you must use it entirely.

The summary is to sell. You must project ‘You are the best.’

Remember you have a purpose for a profile. As a professional, a freelancer, a job seeker your summary must convince interested people to call you. You should tell what you give

1.   To the companies, you aspire for employment. What you will contribute to the company you want a job and work.

2.   Tell prospects the benefits of your service.

I say one success story of a problem solved. Success and results always loved by people. This summary depends on your objectives.

You must say your successes, results, money saved, cost reduced, staff hours reduced, problem solved, initiatives, etc. See people are interested in results, action takers, and doers.

I always have

1.    Headline

2.    Story

3.    Branding Statement

Your profile summary should have branding statement. It should read like it fulfills prospects need.

A freelancer you tell what you give and how it benefits your prospects.

I provide an example for a job seeker, swipe and create your useful summary.

Branding Statement


Branding statement for a job seeker summary - senior level - VP and above:

I work with people and build teams to achieve results that were never expected by the company. Healthcare is a focus of my efforts and gets success.

•   19 years senior executive in multinational companies - The turnaround of four companies.

•   Identify key business trends, opportunities, and issues.

•   Implement and maintain a system of adequate internal controls and procedures that are efficient and properly segregated to safeguard the company’s assets.

•   Identify and implement profit opportunities through LEAN methodology.


I use few bullets and branding statement in summary. Each summary is unique.

I ask a lot of info from you before I write any summary.

I will say

1.    What you can contribute

2.    How you did similar jobs with your experience

3.    How successful you are in those functions

Remember summary is a prime estate. You have 2000 characters. Take advantage, use it entirely. Let it work for you. It’s free.

Past Position/Experience

This section is significant, particularly for job seekers. Most a vast majority put a list of experiences. Few put bullets also.

It is not enough, to get most out of your profile, you should be creative. Listing experience will not interest people to call you.

You have to interest them. I give one example, to swipe. Your profile is an extension of your resume. Your experience is the most important to know you, so make it interesting. And you must give results because performance will convince people interested in you.

A story is the best way to tell your experience. You will see example in the book.


You should select the industry you like while creating a profile. You can change it anytime.


Skill is most ignored feature by professionals but it is an important factor. Interested people won’t read your profile they comb it. So pay attention to small things.

Three skills with highest endorsements will show, and you can choose it. Put skills relevant to you. No need to have a large number of skills listed and no endorsements for most of it.


You have to try for it, request your clients.


You can put training, a program leading to certification you can mention if you are pursuing. Follw book instructions for this and recommendations.


You should do same as I said in certification.


Interest section shows in your profile is automatically created by system. It is according your LinkedIn behavior.

You like something, comment anywhere, and searches on LinkedIn it may appear in  interest. You can unfollow it, and it will disappear. Make sure you have important interests showing for your goal.

You take full advantage from your LinkedIn profile now. Will you save $10 for optimizing your profile?

Business person will talk to target customers.

Job seeker will talk to recruiters and hiring managers.

90% pros list their position, experience, and education. Most never use all 15 sections available free to their advantage. 

Your profile will TALK Not STATE.


Business person you will tell how you get results

You will tell your prospective customer what they will achieve from your product or service.

Job seeker you will tell up front what the company will get from you.

You will tell recruiters and HR managers your successes, results, and achievements. They want to know it.
You will tell your suitability with a headline. DIY explains how to write headline.

Your Title will catch the eye.

Your Title must convey your usefulness

You will easily create appropriate and catchy title for your profile. 


Business Persons.

For a cinematographer business.

“You win hearts and minds of your audience with my visuals at a cost you won’t believe.”

Above is a headline and on his cover image I put 'Inspiring Videos' just two words in our age of hashtags to brand him as a business video maker. 

Production Area Jobs

“Do you want The Boeing award for delivery excellence recipient in your production Team?”

This is the first line for a production job seeker. And we put a story of how he handle one challenge, and it got him an award.

IT Jobs

“Does (Company Name) want a pro that runs Only SFT Netware Server in Arkansas? I am that Designer.”

This is followed by how he design it. Work he put in, extra study, etc. It is an interesting story for a recruiter. When you say success recruiter always listens and want to know more and call you for an interview.

Accounting Jobs

“Your new controller who never misses a deadline, allow the budget to surpass, and contribute profits with innovative systems.”

This lady has developed an excel sheet to calculate order costs. Their company has complex working involving many departments. The sheet gave an actual costs. This help controls costs and gave her promotion as an account manager. She aspires to a controller position.

Bonus Headline and Title Guide

You will get a guide to writing headlines and titles.

  • Titles for top 2017 LinkedIn skills.
  • Eight types of headlines.
  • Industry and theme headlines.

Action Time

Yes, I buy "My Winning LinkedIn Profile." and will act on it.

You pay $10 for 'My Winning LinkedIn Profile' Action Book.