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LinkedIn pro do you get Leads from LinkedIn?

If Not - Get Regular Relevant Leads

Here Is What You Need to Do with your LinkedIn activity,

90% of pros do not take advantage of their profile and market them.

You must be in 10% NOT in 90%. 

Ironic that pros complain about "not getting response, leads" but they will CERTAINLY not get any response if they don't market and use profile.


I am Mukesh Shah review profiles for a LinkedIn pilot program, among the most viewed writers on for Resume/CV category, and new pro on LinkedIn. My goal is to create your profile that gets you regular leads.

Hi Mukesh,

Throughout the first 2 weeks of this pilot you have become a stand-out Career MVP Professional. Because of this we are offering the ability to review a bulk of profiles at one time (5-10 depending on your capacity). If you are interested and can still have them completed in a couple days let me know and we will assign you some. Thanks again!


Austin Leu-Edmister, Premium Career/ProFinder Engagement Specialist, LinkedIn - InMail

I will get you LEADS.

“If you wake up without GOALS; you go back to sleep.”

Leads are your survival. You will weave lead getting into your routine. I start with ‘Objectives sheet.’

Let us check where we stand.


You are a business owner, professional, job seeker.

Tell me how many leads or response from LinkedIn you get in last month, in three months?

It is not many otherwise you are not reading my page. (You will be happy.)

You are on LinkedIn and see successes and want to be successful.

Trying, searching a solution, a way out, and try to figure out what to do. You are looking for help. It is a truly professional way to go. I congratulate you.

Me Mukesh Shah

A new pro in the town (LinkedIn)

Have few new ideas. Pros like me, and you also will like when you read. Claims to get you leads with his Regular Relevant Leads program, has no recommendations.

Usually smart pros are

  • Are flexible
  • Change ways when things are not working
  • Experiment
  • Try and take new initiatives

Your problem is marketing. You are NOT taking advantage of LinkedIn and doing any marketing.

I cannot understand why pros don’t take advantage of LinkedIn profile features? A prime resource available FREE and do basic marketing?

If you have a business or a career aspirant and struggle, read and see how you will get leads. It will costs $2999 but I currently offer it at $999. It is 30% of one month minimum wage. Business pro will master LinkedIn and may delegate to staff. Career seeker you will add a skill no college teaches.

And beauty is the method. Daily small chunk of work everyone can do and achieve desired result. I need your 30 minutes for 30 days and preferably you start the day with it.

I tell you this initially because I want to save your 8-10 minutes you will spend with me. I help you market for your desired goal; selling a product or service.

Joining the program apart you will take action and see results your self.

I bet after reading you will act and make at least one change that will benefit you.

The Difference

The difference you will find is you get “Qualified’ Leads.

Here is one comment when I share this service for feedback.

Comment: Wojtek Mozdyniewicz

"Your professionalism in the subject is missed in the flow of not qualified info."

Reply: Mukesh Shah

"Thanks Wojtek for comment. I am getting feedback for my new service, and I am particular for 'Qualified' leads. My problem is with pros calling prospects as lead.

However, the lead is "A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information."

I am for real lead getting and teach it to interested pros. The situation is strange with misinformation.

Surprisingly LinkedIn sales navigator is the main problem for this. It's intro video talks of the lead building which is simply, searching prospects and making a list. It's a great tool no doubt but such basic discrepancy. You call a prospecting a lead building? I wonder, and lot many videos on YouTube talks similar things.

So "Qualified" I am after."

I want you to start with the basic solid foundation and know the meat.


Understand contact info is not a lead. It is your target audience's list. It is a DATA only. The contact info with Interest in your service or product is a lead.

You are getting many pitches for leads. Go for the outcome.

Need is regular and relevant leads. See how you will get recruiter or prospect calling you with my program.

First you will attract your prospects

Let me tell your challenges. You have to

  1. Get attention of your visitors, prospects.
  2. Interest them and
  3. Show what you DO and how you BENEFIT them.

Your profile will present “You are the best.”

6 Second Test

My job is to get you leads. To achieve it the first I get the attention and interest of your target customers. I use your strengths to your advantage and tell "You are the best provider" for the product and service.

I use headline to address first two challenges.

  • To get attention I put a headline because it tells what you do and contributes to the customer up front. No one can ignore a headline, and when it says their interest, it works every time, and they read further.

I am a trained headline writer.

Second You prepare yourself

You must be ready for the customers with your best self. Your profile is you in person virtually. So make it one of the best. We will do all 15 sections of LinkedIn Profile together if you join my program. You will update and change your profile.

Your profile will talk to your target audience. Prospects for businesses and recruiters and hiring managers for job seekers.

Tell The Main Benefit Of Yourself, Service, or Product.

For businesses and professionals, your different objectives could be branding, sale, recruitment, job, etc. Your profile is an extension of your a sales page or a resume. We will tell your prospects what benefits they get.

Tell What They Will Get From You.

Third you AIM

What you sell? It is service, product, or yourself.
Who are your targets? They are potential customers, prospects, recruiters, hiring manager, companies you aspire to work with.

Forth you network 

  • Search prospects
  • Network with them

Fifth you sell

  • Show you are pro and can benefit
  • Create offers
  • Get leads and calls



My Regular Relevant Leads program is a 30 days TO DO jobs. You will do one marketing task each day. It will take 30 minutes usually but you should allot one hour initially.

The first day you will make your mindset for 30 days project. It will be the first time you will do it.

Second day you will decide your targets for the project.

Next 11 days you will do your profile. It will be ready for your customers, prospects, recruiters, companies.

Next 10 days you will network. Increase your followers, connections.

On 24th day you will start offering to your network.

You will be Ready - Network - Sell.

And when you are ready networking and selling will be your daily activity.

It's your survival. Expand your network and get leads.

All successful business person and executive has done it and you must do the same.

Two program days are important because you will see improvement in result.

19th day for Network
27th day for Leads

You will see increase in your network and prospects response. You will be on growth mode on LinkedIn.

Next step

Your thinking now,

“What’s new. It’s basic marketing.”
“Ya, I know and will do it.”
“Hum make sense.”
"What you will do. How much it cost."

Whatever are your thoughts now the fact is you are not doing marketing?

Your problem is marketing and solution?

YOU start doing it.

The best way to do it is make a commitment.

Tell me how many updates you did on your profile in last month?
What you did to increase your network on LinkedIn?

The basic activity which grows you, you don't do, ignore, and want leads?

It won’t happen.

You have act. Remember

I DO Better than IQ.

You have a choice. Join my RRL Regular Relevant Leads program.

Regular Relevant Leads

Leads are your survival. You will weave marketing activity into your daily routine and get regular, relevant plus qualified leads.

You have to send an invitation to connect and talk about your service.

You need to put effort.

How it works

It’s a 30 daily email about What DO TO

The time required for that activity is 30 minutes, but I prefer you allow one hour. Initially, you may spend more.

The first we will make you ready for sell. The LinkedIn profile has 15 features/sections, and we will address it first. Then take networking.

I know you want to start today but hold on. You have to be ready for yourself to sell.

Present your best. So better be prepared.

Why daily TO DO

I can give you a PDF or a cheat sheet to create the best profile, how to network, and get leads.

I don’t do it. It never works. You have too many PDF and Cheat sheets on your computer. You have, many free and few paid and hardly use or not touch since downloads.

Small Chunks

Small chunks work best.

Search for productivity, and you will find doing things in small chunk always works. It leads you to the desired destination.

Exactly you will do one small act with my email daily for 30 days. Its commitment “You will do it.”


I want to charge one month salary for teaching you mastering LinkedIn leads getting. Usually it is three grand, a minimum wage. The 'Regular Relevant Leads' cost is $2999 but currently I offer it at $999.

I know you have many alternatives.

So price will decide your decision.

Your problem is marketing and solution doing it.

You are thinking, planning, searching perfect program but not started acting on marketing or selling.

Remember I said,

I DO better than IQ.

So start doing with my regular, relevant leads program.

You shop around; you have to spend $200 to $5000 for marketing help. It could be from a guide to a seminar or workshop.

My NO to Inaction

You know two of the best internet gurus Frank Ken and John Reese concern is?

They share it with Tony Robbins.

They have the problem of customers not using info after purchasing. It is a big segment.

I don’t want it to happen to you, so I have daily one action toward improvement.

It works and is the approach of famous Japanese Kaizen method of productivity.

Let us do one thing at a time regularly and get big result long term.

You should have experience with a personal trainer at Jim.

I think if you have any interest in growing business or career you will join.

Your success

I commit to your success because without it I will not succeed. I did get my place on LinkedIn. I started actively last year. After four months of posting articles, I was invited to a LinkedIn pilot program to review profile. I learn a lot about the effective use of LinkedIn. Marketing is my background. I am an ad man know how to sell.

It is a process, and we will work together.

The fact

$999 you pay is 30% of a one month minimum wage only once. You master LinkedIn Leads getting. It helps you to delegate better. You have spend more on many thing and outcome is not the way you desired. I want to make sure you get leads in 30 days and it become your routine.

Let me show few emails. You will definitely grow with actions.

How Regular Relevant Leads program works


You will receive an email for each day’s TO DO

Email: Day Three


The headline is the most responsible for the success of your profile among four important sections. Other three are a cover, photo, and summary.

Cover and photo you must have addressed in first two days. Today let us make your headline effective.

Headline matters more than you know. Be serious.

The headlines are to compel people to read further. It depends on the goal and what one wants from the communication he intends to convey.

Your headline must tell WHAT you do and contribute? If you give a result of the service, it will be better. The Headline is 80% responsible for a reading of your profile. You must put a compelling headline.

Example: For an IT job seeker I put a headline to get attention,

“Add a versatile boss’s favorites DATA wizard to your TEAM.”

For a cinematographer a business person I suggest,

“You win hearts and minds of your audience with my visuals at a cost you won’t believe.”

With the headline, you can advance your branding. Use the headline to further your cover image branding.

Today you will write to show your work, product or service.

You need not be a professional writer. You always talk to people for business. Just say it.

I will send you a headline writing guide later. Not today. Today you have 30 minutes to do headline.

Many put their position as a headline. You can change it to something on above line.

Email: Day Seven


Today we take past position/experience section. This section is significant, but you used very casually. Most a vast majority put a list of experiences. Few put bullets also.

Pay attention. You will make a big difference in position information. The way you put it will stand you apart. Listing experience will not interest people to call you. You have to interest them.

Your profile is an extension of your resume. Your experience is the most important to know you, so make it interesting.

And you must give results because performance will convince people interested in you.

A story is the best way to tell your experience.

See how I did it for a sale and marketing pro and use it.

My 110%+ Goals Story: Cox Communications – Oklahoma City, Ok Account Manager 9/2013-5/2014

I am an aggressive seller and had goals in mind. To reach "Winner's Circle" I had to average 110% to goal throughout the year to be eligible for the Award, and that was not always easy due to the competition. What I did differently? I did lots of secret shopping on the competitors such as DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T to strategize my sales technique. That made me trainer also. • Responsible for the development and facilitation of various training topics for 20+ stores to ensure complete knowledge of products, services, and independent associate development. I gave sales training to all levels of employees.

  • Responsible for prioritizing, identifying, and publishing the marketing and educational content with all staff member associated one on one.
  • Provide work direction and coaching to employees for career/personal development.
  • Handle day-to-day relationship management, cold calling, outside prospecting, and maintenance of clients.
  • Responsible for building customer relations.
  • Meet and exceed sales goal.

Do you feel the difference between your list and Story? Do you think the story will make a difference? People will notice you differently.

Don’t think too much about writing,

‘I can’t write.’

‘I am not a copywriter.’

You can say what you did on the job. Please get out of the writing phobia. We talk and get business just say the way you talk. Prospects understand.

Do you want to see how profile look when you put a story?

See the left is before and right is after.

Professional Experience

AT&T — Spring, TX     Premise Technician, 2015 – Present

  • Perform installation of low-voltage wiring including CAT-5, CAT-6, and coaxial cables.
  • Install IP base equipment via AT&T U-Verse network for residential and commercial customers.
  • Conduct analysis and troubleshooting of AT&T U-Verse services, repairing as needed.
  • Provide highest quality customer service, addressing individual client needs and inquiries.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant safety standards as well as company policies and regulations.


AT&T     Spring, TX     Premise Technician,   2015 – Present 

Up To Date Pipelines

If you ask me “Am I happy?” My answer is absolute because I do an important job of maintaining critical infrastructures (The pipelines a major one) up to date that never lost a single production hour. My bosses are happy and recognized me by inviting me to major marketing event to talk about my pipelines, and I demonstrated our products to major oil companies. That leads to the sale of our products. The reason for my success was I created documents of what I learned which become training manuals for other technicians. It is a joy to me that I keep my flocks trained, ready for any eventuality, and contribute to company sale though it’s not my area.

  • Perform installation of low-voltage wiring including CAT-5, CAT-6, and coaxial cables.
  • Install IP base equipment via AT&T U-Verse network for residential and commercial customers.
  • Conduct analysis and troubleshooting of AT&T U-Verse services, repairing as needed.
  • Provide highest quality customer service, addressing individual client needs and inquiries.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant safety standards as well as company policies and regulations.

You will succeed

The program is for a business owner and a career aspirant. Business pro must have a website and working online. You will master lead getting. It is not how to start or do program.

The realistic goals can be achieved. If you dream 1000 clients it's fine. It will be achieved but not next month. Monthly X customers, your reasonable target will work.

Career seeker you will identify the companies you aspire to work and network. It is chasing your dream job.

I will

  • Review and suggest for your profile after you have finished all sections. It will add attention triggers you will not have.
  • Help target various segment, niches you may not thinking while doing targeting.
  • Give ready to use scripts for connection request and pitch.

Action Time

Let us start. Join 'Regular Relevant Leads' program and start procrastinated action. You Have an hour a day for next 30 days to boost your business and career. $999 is a small investment, 30% of a minimum wage only once; sure you can afford.

I know you have spend more than it and not get any results. But here you see how effective it can be. The best part is YOU are the performer. Get the grip, master the art of LinkedIn Leads. Get your Mojo. Delay is costly. Join


You have a question

Pros interested in my service want to know more and ask for the best time to talk. Please note I have an impaired speech because of cancer surgery, so better you email me at, and I will answer your question. Mention leads on the subject.

Your Customers are easy to attract

It is easy to get noticed. I am good at it and get you noticed and sell. If interested you can read, how I got my first job in the USA? It shows how I got noticed.

Thank you for your time and reading my story.


How I got my first job in the USA

I am Mukesh Shah and fight my handicap with resume.

In May 2005, I came to the USA on immigration visa from India at the age 55. At the age, people start retirement planning. I have to start a fresh and no question of retirement. I was excited of American dream since my younger days.

I came with one handicap an impaired speech because of cancer surgery. I am account graduate and marketing diploma holder and had experience of 30 years. I choose Houston, TX mainly for the support of my childhood friend. Took a house opposite him and started life in the US.

Finding work was the only job after I get my social security card because without it no one considers you for employment.

Job Hunt

I did what a best practice was. Created Monster account and started applying. I consider my no American experience and education/degree were disadvantages.

And major problem was initial phone screening here all recruiters do.

I can’t communicate on the phone, and things didn’t go further. I tried to email of my speech handicap and seek a personal interview, but no one responded.

Job Fairs

Job fairs were an option and were good for me. I can go and talk to recruiters at least. I usually write if not understood in person and it works. In person, people are friendly.


My challenge was to overcome my speech handicap. The tool I had was a resume. I have to prove through a resume that I am worth hiring.

I can’t talk to recruiters as they won’t understand my speech. One need time to adjust to it and that too require patient. No one had time at the fair booth.

360 Turn to Resume

I was seeking accounting job. There was a job fair organized by Houston chapter of Texas CPA association. The announcement states if “You have accounting knowledge we have a job for you.” I wanted exactly that.

Since it was CPA job fair, all recruiters must be accountants I assumed. I thought carefully, how to differentiate myself. The best way to sell is to talk the language your prospects understand.

Well, the accountant’s language is balance sheet and profit and loss statements. I thought of a balance sheet as my resume instead of a traditional chronological resume.

I created Mukesh Shah’s Balance Sheet.

There were Assets and Liabilities columns, and I put my account degree, experience, writings as my assets and my speech handicap, medical expenses as liabilities. My equity was learning mind and creative thinking.

I did this for the attention of recruiters and initial interest. I was confident if they talk I will prove I am fit for the job. And fortunately, my Balance Sheet got the attention of all the recruiters I met, and I get my first job as a staff accountant at local CPA firm.

Thanks to my 360 turn to resume and made ‘Balance Sheet’ my resume.

I am not thinking about this much. It is an effort I did to get a job nothing big deal. But in 2015 I did one headline writing course, and there I mentioned my experience, and I got comments from fellow participants. The comments encourage me sharing this here.

My Intro:

“I did sell my concepts through letters. In Houston also, I got my first job at CPA firm by a different approach to resume. I went to a job fair of CPA association. Since I had a speech problem and was desperate for a job as I have to start in The US, I created my resume in accounting language. I made Balance Sheet as a resume. Balance is education, experience, etc. and liability is impaired speech, medical expenses, etc. It was a success my resume got the attention of all CPA recruiters and got a job with a CPA firm.”

Comment from the group:

"The idea of the balance sheet resume is a great one! That's A-I-D-A in action." -by Kai » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:19 am

"I love the balance sheet resume too. Cool, creativity and demonstration of fitness to the job. Welcome!" -by Jeff Moore » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:42 pm

"Now that's creativity, Thar! The balance sheet resume - would be the first honest resume building system the world has ever seen." -by Jon Kenworthy » Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:01 pm

"Since I read your post on Saturday, I used your idea in helping out a young programmer. For his, the graphic has three parts: input, processor, output. The input is his skills, and the processor is him, the output is the people/groups/impacts that he's had." -by RobM » Mon Aug 10, 2015, 5:32 am