Applicant, HR Can Say NO – How You Convert It YES

Do you know that 80% of a sales letter depends on your headline? It is true for Resume because you are selling through a resume.

In order to take HR Managers to read your resume, you have to have a rock-solid system to structure your resume.

Which are the elements that cause HR managers to feel an urge to call you for an interview?

These elements are

·        Headline

·        Story

·        Title

You already know that 80% of a resume depends on your headline

(So what’s the remaining 20% that causes HR Managers to call?)

It is the Benefits and Features.

And most of us think that writing resume is easy stuff. All you have to do is list them out logically and it gets the job done.

But this isn’t just about getting the job done.

If you don’t use the benefits/features effectively, the manager may read and then just click away. Understanding how managers read a resumes is what gives your resume the upper edge.

So how do managers view a resume, anyway?

They first look at the how the resume is presented. They read the headline. And they start scanning. Then suddenly stop midway.

So why do they stop? They stop to get a summary. It gives the manager a solid idea of what to expect. And to take managers to the next stage, you have to have a rock-solid system of writing features and benefits on your resume.

Presenting ‘Job Getting Resume’

A Secret Weapon

You have lots of experience, education and things to say. The secret lies in how you insert features and benefits.

The secret is STORY.

Correct Location of Story.

Where do you place stories on the resume?

You could place them anywhere. But consider where you say about your working abilities. Obviously, you say it in experience. Experiences are easy to write. It is important to see what makes experiences distinct and appealing.

The story at the start of each experience is the easiest way to convince HR Manager.

See how I put them.


1 (Company Name – XYZ Co.) (Post) (Period)

My boss _______ our President gave me for the first time passwords for his Google Adwords accounts and asked to manage daily spends. This was because I saved him average $1200 monthly in the first week with analytics and I was hired as a writer.

·        Manage daily PPC campaigns and spend of $6000. Manage email campaigns.

·        Create posts/articles for company blogs.

2 (Company Name – XYZ Co.) (Post) (Period)

Allow me to say my boss _________ our President called me Hawk. This is because I changed his mind for scheduling and bidding ads with data from analytics he never used to have.

·        I prepared clicks figures for main search campaign for a month and that gave real insight to when we get traffic.

·        Responsible for PPC and PPV advertising

·        Research Payday loan market one of three most competitive markets. Research 4000 keywords and 9000 websites for PPV

Add stories

With stories to experience, HR cannot ignore you. The art is conveying what HR wants through stories and bullets.

Make sure story tells benefits to a company you are applying and bullets convey your ability for the tasks company is looking for.

People find it difficult telling success stories. Most feel they have nothing worthwhile to say.

The truth is everyone has good things to say. You think your work is normal and average and nothing to say about, but the  information is knowledge for others.

You know that famous beer story of Schlitz beer reached to the number one position in six months by simply saying the process of making beer in advertising. Everyone make the beer the same way but Schlitz said it and people find value in information.

I dig out stories and put them in Resumes. I am a pioneer of Headline on resumes and trained headline writer. If interested; I love to do your resume.