2017 Resume Dos – Write Resume for Guaranteed success

It is time to disrupt.

Resume need disruption, too. The only job of a resume is to get an interview, Period.

HR Manager must take interest in you and call you for an interview.

Is Your Resume Working to 100% Potential?

Yours should and if not act now.

The resume dos I am telling make a great first impression on HR Managers. Make sure do them.


HR Manager wants to know

Who are you and what is in it for me?

There may be hundreds of applicants, but you can shine out when you position yourself.  You should not only position yourself but also define and tell how you are different.

Let us put your resume to work for you.

Think you are meeting HR manager of the company you are applying. Virtually resume is you in person.

What do you do when you meet someone? OR what you say when someone asks you what you do?

Most of us say something like, ‘I am a lawyer’, ‘I am an engineer’

Examples of Conversation with an HR Manager

Example One

Q: Hi Mukesh, what do you do?

Mukesh: I do exciting online advertising and bring $2 for every $1 spends.

Q: How do you do that?

Mukesh: I use effective headlines to help businesses get their message across.  I am trained headline writer.

(This is you explain a process. Now he is interested. He is nodding and wants to know more. So, keep talking.

Headlines are 80% responsible for reading your message. This is Your Positioning Statement. Because headlines are, a visual and people tend to relate to them. Finally give them a result.)

At Ecomleads.com, an affiliate network how we solved high click costs by getting 10%+ CTR for Adwords campaigns. (A success from your experience)

Example Two

Now let us look at a normal conversation

Q: Hi Mukesh, what do you do?

Mukesh: I do advertising.

Q: That’s cool. Which newspapers and magazines do you do for?

It’s now too late to steer the discussion because it’s already taken a different track.

In the first conversation, I could actually control the line of questioning. It ensured that my message got through undiluted.

You know now why this positioning is so vital.

Design and content

Some people stuff everything into their resume. Your resume is not a biography. It is the first impression people get of you. You have to gain interest and interview.

Think hard about design and content both.

What do you need?

What can you drop?

Which number is most important?

Which pieces of information do you group together?

Do you really need that experience?

Take hard decisions and keep only what’s totally necessary to convey your suitability to the company.

Simplicity pays.

Follow the principle of 3.

Design wise keep 3 elements, 3 fonts, and preferably 3 colors.

Content wise give your Resume a Spine. 3 Elements

  • Headline
  • Stories
  • Title

Make sure you have all three. The title is not a headline, as most treat Title as a Headline.

This is just an explanation of what you do. You can convey a lot more with these. Mark I say CONVEY.

CEOs Does It. CFOs Does It. Why Don’t You?

Everyone knows a picture says more than a thousand words, yet fail to apply it in real life. Visual branding is extremely important in a resume.

Now Action

2017 Resume Dos #1: Headline


I am sure you have heard how you only have a few seconds to get a hiring manager’s attention with your resume. Let us not debate it is 12 seconds or 8 seconds.

I tell you how to get 100% attention.

Put a Headline, Period.

In the headline, you communicate key accomplishments, your branding statement, and critical information you do not want the employer to miss. It is not just what you say but how you say it.

Keep in mind that whoever reviews your resume first will typically scan it for critical information. The first thing they’ll look at it is your first line.

First 50 words are crucial and they must be your branding statement.

This exact reason is why newspapers and news articles start with a great headline, give the most critical facts first. Start with your branding statement and make it answer the HR Manager’s questions.

“Why should I care?” or “What’s in it for me?”

Answering these questions first gives the HR Managers exactly what they need to know up front; then they can choose to keep on reading.

Headlines I used.

  1. What By Not Hiring (Name) (Company Name) will Loose – New Customers
  2. Do (Company Name) want to be in Ink 500? – Hire (Name) founder (Company Name) 2015 Ink 500 Company.
  3. 30% cost reduction is Routine for (Name) Production Pro Par Excellence.

2017 Resume Dos #2: Stories

Share situation or problem and the action you took to address it, and the result. Write the result by sharing how it positively affected your employer.

Tell a story, and give the manager context. When writing your experiences it is best to lead with the result to the employer because this is usually quantifiable.

My Example

Allow me to say my boss _________ our President called me Hawk. This is because I changed his mind for scheduling and bidding ads with data from analytics he never used to have and make every campaign profitable.

I prepared clicks figures for main search campaign for a month and that gave real insight to when we get traffic.


Date    9AM    11AM    1PM    3PM    5PM    7PM    9PM    11PM


  • Ad campaigns were not profitable.
  • Personally convinced President with data for the change in budget and spending practices.
  • Campaigns turned profitable.


Once you have your situation, action, and a result you can write a story and add Situation, action and results as bullets. Put them together to create bullet points.


2017 Resume Dos #3: Title

Think what is better

‘John Schmidt Resume’ or

‘Turnaround Professional John Schmidt’

Create Title specific to the job.

3 Operatives

There are 3 operatives in a resume.

Operative 1: Your target audience — in our case, it’s HR Manager.

Operative 2: The problem — this is very important. Always have a problem. For resume, it is job functions.

Operative 3: The solution — how you fix the problem. How you do the function.


Keep these three operatives while writing all sections.

It is true ATS is dying we still have to face scanning habit. A resume is scanned and that’s where our headlines and titles play an important role.

Section head and its opening are for scanners. They are sub-headlines.


There are dilemma Ideal and practical for a resume.

For pages of resume, an ideal is one or two but there is no rule. If you have, impressive things to convey 10 pages resumes are OK and they will be read.

For the headline, fewer words are better. The ideal is nine words but it may not be practical. Try for fewer words.

Sometimes I try generic headlines and they tend to be long. My most effective starts with “Don’t Spend …………….” and ends with “I will be an Asset to (Company name).”


If possible, put an appropriate image or picture. We know a picture says more than a thousand words, but do you use it? My LinkedIn profile summary has 5 words, one 8 words image, and 4 words image title, total 17 words and people visit my site.

My Service

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