Job seekers No Interview - Your biggest problem will end with my resume.


Dear Job Seeker,

You have to

  1. First, pass ATS Application Tracking System.
  2. Then get attention of a recruiter (You know 6-second test), and
  3. Interest the hiring manager.

You will do it all, see the before and after top of a resume

My Resume Journey

I am Mukesh Shah and fight my handicap with resume.

In May 2005, I came to the USA on immigration visa from India at the age 55. At the age, people start retirement planning. I have to start a fresh and no question of retirement. I was excited of American dream since my younger days.

I came with one handicap an impaired speech because of cancer surgery. I am account graduate and marketing diploma holder and had experience of 30 years. I choose Houston, TX mainly for the support of my childhood friend. Took a house opposite him and started life in the US.

Finding work was the only job after I get my social security card because without it no one considers you for employment.

Job Hunt

I did what a best practice was. Created Monster account and started applying. I consider my no American experience and education/degree were disadvantages.

And major problem was initial phone screening here all recruiters do.

I can’t communicate on the phone, and things didn’t go further. I tried to email of my speech handicap and seek a personal interview, but no one responded.

Job Fairs

Job fairs were an option and were good for me. I can go and talk to recruiters at least. I usually write if not understood in person and it works. In person, people are friendly.


My challenge was to overcome my speech handicap. The tool I had was a resume. I have to prove through a resume that I am worth hiring.

I can’t talk to recruiters as they won’t understand my speech. One need time to adjust to it and that too require patient. No one had time at the fair booth.

360 Turn to Resume

I was seeking accounting job. There was a job fair organized by Houston chapter of Texas CPA association. The announcement states if “You have accounting knowledge we have a job for you.” I wanted exactly that.

Since it was CPA job fair, all recruiters must be accountants I assumed. I thought carefully, how to differentiate myself. The best way to sell is to talk the language your prospects understand.

Well, the accountant’s language is balance sheet and profit and loss statements. I thought of a balance sheet as my resume instead of a traditional chronological resume.

I created Mukesh Shah’s Balance Sheet.

There were Assets and Liabilities columns, and I put my account degree, experience, writings as my assets and my speech handicap, medical expenses as liabilities. My equity was learning mind and creative thinking.

I did this for the attention of recruiters and initial interest. I was confident if they talk I will prove I am fit for the job. And fortunately, my Balance Sheet got the attention of all the recruiters I met, and I get my first job as a staff accountant at local CPA firm.

Thanks to my 360 turn to resume and made ‘Balance Sheet’ my resume.

I am not thinking about this much. It is an effort I did to get a job nothing big deal. But in 2015 I did one headline writing course, and there I mentioned my experience, and I got comments from fellow participants. The comments encourage me sharing this here.

My Intro:

“I did sell my concepts through letters. In Houston also, I got my first job at CPA firm by a different approach to resume. I went to a job fair of CPA association. Since I had a speech problem and was desperate for a job as I have to start in The US, I created my resume in accounting language. I made Balance Sheet as a resume. Balance is education, experience, etc. and liability is impaired speech, medical expenses, etc. It was a success my resume got the attention of all CPA recruiters and got a job with a CPA firm.”

Comment from the group:

"The idea of the balance sheet resume is a great one! That's A-I-D-A in action." -by Kai » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:19 am

"I love the balance sheet resume too. Cool, creativity and demonstration of fitness to the job. Welcome!" -by Jeff Moore » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:42 pm

"Now that's creativity, Thar! The balance sheet resume - would be the first honest resume building system the world has ever seen." -by Jon Kenworthy » Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:01 pm

"Since I read your post on Saturday, I used your idea in helping out a young programmer. For his, the graphic has three parts: input, processor, output. The input is his skills, and the processor is him, the output is the people/groups/impacts that he's had." -by RobM » Mon Aug 10, 2015, 5:32 am

Good VS Great


One of my first resume innovations was a new format I made to my resume. You have read comments above.


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